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  1. Ennylee

    INTRO Hey guys! Meet me.

    I'm most excited to be a part of this forum, I'm a digital marketer, and a programmer. My favorite sport is Football and I'm a Liverpool FC fan, what about you? Other things I love doing is; teaching, cycling, video games, walking out, making new friends, and lots more. Comment let's meet...
  2. Vanderbilt

    OFF-TOPIC Hobbies of high and low income individuals

    I was lurking through some hobbies to find some product ideas (solving a problem) and found this statistic here: I think it is a intresting topic and it would be cool if you guys post here your hobbies and thoughts about this, i think hobbies are important even you are fully commited to your...
  3. V8Bill

    HOT TOPIC The wealth "after party". What are your non-business hobbies and passions?

    It's a given that we all share a passion for business here but I'd like to have some fun hearing about your hobbies and passions that aren't business related. What do you really enjoy (or want to enjoy) when you can? What non-business passions do you have that really fire you up? Let's imagine...
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