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hiring freelancers

  1. ugudango

    Where do you hire your copywriters?

    Hey everyone, I will need a copywriter very soon, and I am looking for a spot where I can find a good copywriter. I have never hired before and I am looking for a good spot to find copywriters for a sales funnel. I know the usual freelance spots (Upwork, Fiver) but I'd be very grateful if you...
  2. Andy Black

    A chat about selling marketing services

    @xShepherdx posted last week about his frustrations hiring a marketing freelancer. We've never spoken but I offered to hop on a call and chat about it. If you watch then please add your notes and I'll add them to this opening post. What's your takeaways? What will you do different going...
  3. Tom H.

    How to write a job ad

    I’m chatting with a friend right now who is trying to hire a junior developer. He sent me the Upwork post he is using and it’s terrible. I won’t post his ad copy here, but you can just browse Upwork and find plenty of ads that follow the same lines: If I’m a programmer browsing job ads, I...
  4. G

    Workout App - Hiring Freelancers from Pakistan for Programming ??

    Hey guys, Figured I should post another thread since it's been a long time. Been very busy working for someone else's business (although it's my family's). I've tried and failed at more ideas this past year than I ever had in years prior (LOL) but wanted to get some feedback on this one...