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give and take

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  1. Andy Black

    Kak & Andy discuss the importance of building relationships in business

    From @Kak this morning (here): LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! EPISODE 8 OF THE KILL BIGGER RADIO SHOW IS NOW AVAILABLE! For your listening pleasure, Mr. @Andy Black and myself discuss the importance of business relationship building. Apple Podcasts! Google Podcasts! Spotify Podcasts! YouTube! And...
  2. Andy Black

    BOOK “Give and Take” by Adam Grant

    I listened to this a few weeks ago. Lots of helpful stories and insights. A bit too much dry data for my liking, so it will be hard to listen to again. I’ll probably buy some cliff-notes or refer to this thread. Here’s some of my takeaways (from memory). I’ll add more later. There’s...
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