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  1. alexkuzmov

    Profiting from scammers | Friday Fun Part 6

    I`m so glad that people have found a way to monetize catching and reporting scammers on social media while providing good entertainment all at the same time :D View: This is just one example, a video about a car scam. Other examples from youtube...
  2. alexkuzmov

    Destroyed Production | Friday Fun Part 5

    So this is a military aircraft graveyard. Maybe some of these planes were used a few times, maybe more. Maybe some of them were useful. The sheer amount of planes produced which are now just sitting in some areas in the world (alot of contries have such graveyards) is amazing. Then I started...
  3. alexkuzmov

    How mid to large companies fail | Friday Fun Part 4

    I cant help but laugh at this: Elementor Pro - Manually activation is missing · Issue #8667 · elementor/elementor TL; DR; They removed the feature to active a license from your WP account. Instead now you have to jump through hoops, download and upload zipfiles, link accounts etc. etc. What was...
  4. alexkuzmov

    YOUR FAULT LOL | Friday Fun Part 3

    View: ITS YOUR FAULT YOU ARE POOR. BUY MY COURSE SO I WONT BE. I was hoping to see some almost naked white chicks in the ad, but alas...
  5. alexkuzmov

    The Contrepreneur Formula | Friday Fun Part 2

    View: I accidentally stumbled on to Mike Winnets` channel this week. There is some pretty good podcasts in there and the dude has a unique sense of humor. As for the contrepeneurs, what does the forum think about them?
  6. alexkuzmov

    Geek Love | Friday Fun Part 1

    View: A reality show, Geek Love. Essentially, grown adults lost in their hyper realities. Their parents dont do them any favours as well... I`m a bit lost for words. Comments?