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  1. ffcra

    Are You Self-Employed and Work in the USA? You Likely Qualify for a Federal Tax Credit of Up to $32,220!

    Thanks to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), self-employed individuals, freelancers, independent contractors, and gig workers are now eligible for significant tax credits. These were created to pay you back for the time and income that you lost because of COVID. The tax...
  2. AlessandroC

    How to find business partners? Or safely share the idea with a freelancer.

    Hello everyone, I have a business idea for a web and mobile application with a search engine. Despite conducting a thorough market analysis and competitor research, my technical skills are insufficient to create the first MVP, other than the entire infrastructure if the MVP will succeed...
  3. Andy Black

    A chat about selling marketing services

    @xShepherdx posted last week about his frustrations hiring a marketing freelancer. We've never spoken but I offered to hop on a call and chat about it. If you watch then please add your notes and I'll add them to this opening post. What's your takeaways? What will you do different going...
  4. TheTaylorWang

    Any freelancers here?

    I’m testing a product for freelancers and would like to validate it. I think it is a really helpful tool to increase productivity and organization. If any of you can help I would love to hop on a call. I’ll leave my calendly below:
  5. Black_Dragon43

    Foundations of Successful Freelancing - Why Many of You FAIL To Make Meaningful Money

    If you have great sales skills, but lack the right foundations, you'll struggle with freelancing. And here's why... the most important thing when it comes to selling intangibles (like most freelancing services) is credibility. Why? Because you can't touch an intangible. There's no way for you...
  6. Marigold

    Anyone any experience with freelancer micro job engines?

    I have a micro job engine in a niche online industry. I'm just throwing it out there in case anyone here might have experience in this category of online business? I'd love to shoot the shit with someone who's been there and done that. Thanks in advance.