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  1. lizzzlizzliz

    MJ asked to introduce myself: I'm a thief!

    Got to read Unscripted thanks to a "thief". So technically that makes me a thief as well :eek: (sorry MJ, but I promise to buy +100 copies and give it to scripted people who are done with living The Scammy Glamourized Scripted Lifestyle:star:). Anyways, MJ asked to introduce myself: :star:About...
  2. Jemmalee

    Girl ‘Discoverer’ Intro.

    Hey all I came across from suggestion by watching James Jani YouTube channel that was suggested to me this week! Well done James, already got a name for yourself there. Im a 37 yr old mother to 2 based on the UK (midlands). I started my business journey upon birth of first child. I opened an...
  3. sparechange

    Female entrepreneur? Want $5k!?

    Helooooooo laaaaaadies! So I just wanted to share this for all the women on the forum, Sara Blakely (founder of Spanx) has donated $5,000,000 to global giving and is distributing $5,000 to 1,000 female entrepreneurs. This is an absolute GOLDMINE!! Applications are paused atm but this...