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family business

  1. D

    Moving out. Choosing to either go to a new city or a new country.

    Hi there fastlaners and soon-to-be fastlaners. I've got a question and would be grateful if you can advise me! The question is, should I move out to a different city in uk, or should I move out and go to a city thats warm and sunny with more than 150 days of sun all year round like Perth in...
  2. circleme

    Starting a business with siblings?

    I'm currently starting my first fastlane adventure and I am going back to my roots as a software developer for that. My general goal is to solve business problems with software solutions (Micro SaaS to be clear). Now to my main question: My older brother has founded a consulting business in his...
  3. K1 Lambo

    Don't mix family with business. Is it worth it or not?

    You know what they say: "Never mix family with business or friends". There are obviously two sides of the coin here. On one side, if you look at the richest muslim families, they're all about mixing family business together. Especially if you look into the very wealthy muslim families, they...
  4. N

    Need advice regarding company structure

    Context: the mother of my boyfriend (Ms. X) dreamed of having her own art gallery, which she founded. She’s a good curator but she was barely selling anything and the management of the gallery was terrible until I stepped in (I have a background in Communications and Marketing + experience...
  5. alittlebyte

    Family business dilemma

    Hi everyone, I'll cut straight to the chase. I've been recently facing a dilemma regarding either taking over my family's business or continuing on my own plans. I am self-taught software engineer. I've been in this field for around 3 years now and the market is pretty rewarding if you know...