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failing slow

  1. windchaser

    Closing my company – Post-mortem analysis so you can learn from my mistakes

    After 3 years of activity, I made the decision to shut down my company. Here goes my story, I hope you can learn from my mistakes. THE IDEA: On December 2018 I had my second and definitive FTE event (long story short, I was fired when the company where I was working decided to eliminate my...
  2. windchaser

    Is my business wounded to death or is it just a bump in the road?

    I have been working on this business for the last 3 years together with a business partner and we have been growing steadily and profitably (specially since Fall of 2020). However,during the last 3 months we have been struggling with declining sales, an increasing CAC and a big increase in...
  3. M

    My failures and what I learned from them.

    Hi all, I figured I'd share some of my failures and pains that I've gone through with my ventures and what I learned from. Maybe there's some lessons that might be valuable to people. So, as a kid I always dreamt of working with entertainment as an artist. Like for many, growing up was painful...
  4. Roli

    I've Failed Big & Fast, Looking For The Next Big Thing

    A while back I remember reading something somewhere about failing big and failing fast. Basically the idea is that it takes you just as much effort to put into little things as it does into the big ones, ergo you might as well go for the big ones. An example of me failing small and slow, was my...

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