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  1. MapsandMeanings

    Confronting Self-Doubt - Am I Becoming the Person I've Always Feared?

    Hi Everyone, I'm currently battling some serious self-doubt. I will try not to make this long...… After 12 years of trying to be financially independent, it's just not working. I can provide details if needed, but not sure how important those are. At what point do we just self-reflect and...
  2. Woosah

    A Fresh Outlook on Setbacks & Failure

    Not getting the results you want? Are things going south with your business attempts, artistic endeavors, or with your relationships? Like, why do others seem to have it so easy? How come they're the ones making all the progress when I'm here busting my a$$? WHEN'S MY TURN? "Failing" sucks...
  3. A

    My first business attempt failed

    Hi guys and gals Wasn't on the forum for quite some time. I've been working on a business with a good friend of mine and we just decided to "close shop" and move on. a bit of background: (long story short) the business required cooperation from a certain industry's people. neither me nor my...
  4. Cameron Aanonsen

    How many Business Failures did you have before success?

    MODERATOR NOTE: POLL ADDED!! PLEASE VOTE!! How many business's have you all had before you found your breadwinner? My first business was a success by normal standards (200k a year +) but not by fast-lane standards.