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entrepreneurship journey started

  1. ali.lari2x

    Documenting my Agency/SMMA Journey

    It Begins... It's 3 in the morning. My eyes are slightly heavy, my knees are weak, my arms are not spaghetti since I have been lifting weights for years. I've just finished a 9-hour work session of complete focus and dedication. I've never felt this serene and focused in my life. Even when I...
  2. bpere11

    Tracking my first product launch in 18 months...

    I’ll start this with a random thought. I’ve decided that no matter how rich I get, I’ll always do my own laundry. I dunno if this is weird but the process of washing my clothes, hanging them and then folding them up when they’re dry relaxes me. I’ll never pay someone to do that. Tbh I’d probably...
  3. FastlanerDoer

    15 year old who wants to live the Fastlane Dream

    Hey bois I'm Bryan, a 14 year old boy who lives in Indonesia. Turning 15 in a week, and recently finished reading TMF a couple of days ago. And for real it actually gave me hope and like a guide to making a Fastlane business and escaping the Slowlane scripted plan. I knew the book from Hamza, a...
  4. rktheking99

    The journey to entrepreneurship started!

    Every journey starts with one decision, one step and in my life it's quitting the college. There are some specific reasons for that and I found freedom through this. This seems hilarious for others, but coming from a middle class family, being a 20-year-old, it's quite hard to convince family...
  5. R

    My Intro

    Hey everyone, I am rituraj. Previous month I read The Millionare Fastlane (2nd time). Last year I also read that book. Its the book which I recommend to everyone. Well I am a developer ! Initially, I develop mobile apps to create some passive income sources. I was also a freelancer. But, after...