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  1. U

    My failed attempt at my solo project

    Hello everyone, This year I set out to create a website that allows strangers to talk to each other anonymously in real time, with a rating system linked to an algorithm matching people based on their ratings. I wanted to share the site in my city so that people could meet new people they...
  2. MJ DeMarco

    Shut your mouth and get to work.

    I was raking in the cash and needed an extra pair of hands to keep things rolling. Enter my mother. She had reluctantly taken up the unenviable task of managing the accounts receivable while I hunted for a suitable employee. Let's back up a bit, though. See, my mother had always been the voice...
  3. Desolation Row

    Product vs. Brand

    Hello, I have an idea for a physical product for a niche (Architects). It's a small item and relatively easy to produce, After getting some quotes from manufacturers I could produce them for about 2-3 € a piece. The sale price possibly would be in the 15-25€ range. I already started to make a...
  4. JDE

    Can You Train Your Mind to be a Relentless Optimist? (Desert of Desertion)

    I am currently in a phase of my business right now that MJ called the 'desert of desertion'. I'm putting in the work, I'm putting in the money, but there's little positive feedback yet as my business has not been fully launched. Anyways I've recently found myself looping on 'what if's' like...
  5. NicoleAnne

    Not passionate about a specific industrie, but passionate about making an Impact.

    I am at the idea-finding-stage. Since reading the book Unscripted, I see more and more opportunities. Some I get more excited about, others less. I found that the bigger the impact of those ideas, the more they would excite me and the more I become passionate about them. But also, the more...
  6. J

    Doubt, Ambition, and Desperation

    Hey Fastlaneners, I’m a 22 year old photographer and recent college grad. I’ve always been enamored with the idea of being an entrepreneur, even before I ever heard the word. I made a decent amount of money as a kid selling stuff while throughout grade school (candy, lunches). I even...
  7. thefastroad

    What are your shortcomings?

    When we perceive successful entrepreneurs like for example Elon Musk, most of us become overflown with questions on how a human can become and achieve so much. Therefor Elon Musk seems like a superhuman in my mind. I think many of us have a problem with this, and a reminder that no human being...