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  1. P

    Rate this another idea : "SaaS to train people against phishing attacks"

    Hello everyone, I submitted a previous idea which was "P2P app to sell your food leftovers" . I realized quickly that not only the idea was stupid but also dangerous in terms of food regulation. And regarding the problem I tried to solved ? Fortunately, there are already charities and entities...
  2. NielsA

    Start Your 6-Figure Cybersecurity Entrepreneurship Now...

    [REMOVED FOR SELF-PROMOTION, PAY FOR AN AD or post in the appropriate thread]
  3. NielsA

    23 Years Old and Quit my 9 to 5

    Greetings everyone, I recently finished reading "The Millionaire Fastlane" and joined its corresponding forum. My name is Niels, I'm a 23-year-old entrepreneur with big dreams and plenty of ambition. I used to work as a cybersecurity engineer and earned a monthly salary of around 2000 euros...
  4. Creator

    What problems you face with data privacy and cybersecurity that you are ready to pay for someone to solve?

    What problems you face with data privacy and cybersecurity that you are ready to pay for someone to solve? Background I am in brainstorming phase trying to identify problems within cybersecurity and data privacy (law) domains. I am interested in combining both domains as I have vast knowledge...
  5. J

    Can you help with market research? Getting the down-low on CyberSecurity Decision Makers

    Hey guys, don't often post on here, but I'm wondering if there's anyone on the forum in the cybersecurity niche - specifically anyone who makes decisions for companies regarding their choice of security solution & the current issues that are going on within the niche. I'm happy to pay you for...
  6. Road1996

    Cyber Security

    Hey guys so I am currently studying Cyber Security here in college, and I am trying to find ways to leverage a business out of this knowledge. I've thought about things like online courses, ebooks, etc., but what else is there? I'm having trouble brainstorming up some ideas.