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  1. Archer_Zero

    OFF-TOPIC Why people reject face masks that might save millions of lives ?

    Hi everyone, There are few points that I really don't get : 1. C0VlD-19 total death rate is about 2%, meaning for every 100 million cases, 2 millions die, for every billion case, 20 millions die ( these numbers are comparable to a brutal war ) - meanwhile, the yearly death rate for the united...
  2. MJ DeMarco

    EXECUTION HOT! Could CENTS have protected your business from COVID "non-essentiality"?

    I was just thinking today... A lot of businesses I see struggling today because of COVID lockdowns and "non-essentiality" do NOT follow CENTS. A lot of businesses who are still operating, and even THRIVING, follow CENTS. Does CENTS add another protective measure for your business in this era...
  3. M

    Great speech about Covid from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in Berlin

    Yesterday was a big demonstration against the C0VlD-19 measures in Berlin. The media is not really reporting about the presence of Robert F. Kennedy Jr and his speech about the pandemic, economic slavery and making fear. So let me give you some informations what happend yesterday and what I...
  4. TonyStark

    HEALTH Has anyone here got coronavirus this year?

    Or do you know anyone that has?
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