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  1. The Don

    Zero Conversion on Latest Product

    Hi fellow fastlaner! I’m now on my second attempt of launching a successful business, however the results so far are underwhelming. The business I’ve created is called Herbal Tranquillity and the plan is to create a number of products for babies/toddlers that will alleviate a variety of...
  2. MJ DeMarco

    A picture is worth a 1000 orders...

    Direct from the FL newsletter: - When I was younger, I was fascinated with infomercial marketing. Back then (pre-internet), infomercials were a Fastlane, a great way to create asymmetric returns. As I studied the successful companies in this medium, I discovered their products all had one...
  3. Mester

    0 conversion rate - when should I give up

    Hi I'm new to the forum, sorry if I chose the wrong section, but I'm still learning how to navigate through this. About 2 months ago I started dropshipping (with shopify). I've spent some money on advertising since then, but I've also expanded social media. I focused on tiktok, youtube and...
  4. Chris McCarron

    Hi, I'm Chris and I make people a lot more money with their website.

    Hi, I've just joined the community and I can't wait to start learning and sharing. :smile2: I own a business that builds automated sales funnels for websites. This includes landing pages, conversion rate optimisation, pre-sell content, e-commerce, email marketing etc. We've just expanded into...
  5. MJ DeMarco

    How to Get Your Emails Opened and Read...

    Great article on Sumo Me on how to get your emails opened and read... 13 Insanely Clickable Email Subject Line Examples (Backed by Psychology) - SumoMe My favorite is the "Instrospective Subject Line" tactic. My least favorite is probably the "Note from a friend" method as I feel it is...