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  1. E

    Potential Chargebacks - Fight or Flight

    I have a SaaS business and have luckily not had to deal with any chargebacks. I am very transparent about the service on my website and try to give all necessary information so the customer can truly decide if the offering is right for them or not. When creating the site I paid an attorney to...
  2. fastlanedoll

    EXECUTION Do you guys accept Paypal payment option? If so, how do you deal with chargebacks / disputes?

    Holla fellow faslaners, Am just starting out here, and trying to get my algorithm all sorted out before I take my first step into this business I've been an avid user of Paypal for over 10 years as a consumer, but never as a seller. From what I've seen, Paypal protects the buyer, not the...
  3. A


    How can fight our chargebacks and win at least 98% of chargebacks?

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