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  1. D

    Building a web design business & trading stocks | Monterey, CA

    I read the the posts from @Get Right and @GuitarManDan and they motivated me to start my own (thanks for sharing guys). So I'm starting, or have started on two journeys for the last 2 years; for trading it's been a little less than a year. It's been an up and down time on my own and luckily I...
  2. mcpretelin

    First Greetings

    Hi everyone, I am Marco Clark Pretelin. Thanks for reading my intro! I'll try to keep my story concise and pertinent. A few years ago a friend recommended I read TMF, so I did and it helped my confused mind a lot. At the time, I was about a year into recovery from my traumatic brain injury...
  3. Dereklacrone

    Time + Desire San Diego

    Hi everyone. My name is Derek. I’ve had some entrepreneurial ventures, most were successful, one failed but I know why, I was chasing too many things at once. Right now I’m building a new business with a partner, and operate as an independent contractor and really feel like there is most to this...
  4. D

    After 2 years of lurking The Fastlane Forum I’m ready to make my introduction post.

    Hellow. After 2 years of lurking The Fastlane Forum I’m ready to make my introduction post. As a teen I was dreamprenuriarl, talking up "venture of the month" like an aunt of mine. I was event oriented and thinking of easy money. I had tons of ideas and no execution. I dreamed about starting...
  5. A

    I will go to EEUU from Argentina

    Hello, my name is Agustin and i've been read The millionaire fastlane, and I it changes my mind of my future plans. My plan was stay in Argentina and study a carrer (business) here, but in this country the economy is very bad and my dream is go live in the United States. I'm only 18 years and i...
  6. Jerbear1212

    Just moved: Register my LLC with California?

    Trying to get business LOC and have now had two lenders want me to register my IL LLC (e-commerce) with State of CA. Not sure how long I'll be living here so would prefer not to if there's any way - but I also need the LOC/Loan. Thoughts?
  7. Steezy

    Hello from Cali

    Hello Fast Lane Forum! Steezy coming at you live and direct from Southern California... New to the forum, just an ambitious 19 year old looking to gain knowledge and share it as I can. Looking forward to sharing my transition to the Fast Lane lifestyle with you guys!
  8. thehighlander

    Tech Builder Who Needs to Nail Down Business

    Hi, I'm a new Californian with a tech background. I've realized that the slowlane was a deadend for decades. I've had my share of cool jobs and failed start-ups. Now I'm starting over with the goal of getting the part about meeting real needs, promoting products, and building relationships...
  9. Rhysborrett

    Hello, Nice To Meet You All!

    Hello! My name is Rhys and i'm a 20 year-old boy living in California. I'm hoping that by viewing and reading these posts on this forum will help me to broaden my horizons. My past isn't pretty, but that's a common theme among teenagers and i'm also thankful for what i went through because it...