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book analysis

  1. mikecarlooch

    The Books That Made Me Drop Out Of Coding Class

    Before I say anything that influences anyone to drop out of anything, please know I am just a young entrepreneur documenting my process on this forum. As I learn more, my personality drastically changes with new information. With that being said.. Yes, it's true. The books and people I'm...
  2. BadxNerd

    Literacy of Finance and Economics

    Anyone know about the books for business finance and economics for beginners. ???
  3. Primeperiwinkle

    Atlas Shrugged Week 1: Ch 1-2

    Atlas Shrugged - Week 1: Ch 1-2 Book Discussion Guidelines and Schedule Welcome my most excellent business-minded friends, acquaintances, and random dudes; it’s FRIDAY! Hopefully you all wake up and eagerly join in on this discussion. Chapter One 32 yo Eddie Willers opens the story by...
  4. Y

    What does MJ mean when he says "except in the reverse" (regarding paying off debts)?

    Hello, I am curious about the exact meaning of the passage on P.316 of the Millionaire Fastlane: "Escaping credit card debt requires a commitment to process over event, except in the reverse." The context: "Or perhaps you live in a house that’s just too expensive and you have paid for...