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  1. Primeperiwinkle

    HOT TOPIC Atlas Shrugged Week 1: Ch 1-2

    Atlas Shrugged - Week 1: Ch 1-2 Book Discussion Guidelines and Schedule Welcome my most excellent business-minded friends, acquaintances, and random dudes; it’s FRIDAY! Hopefully you all wake up and eagerly join in on this discussion. Chapter One 32 yo Eddie Willers opens the story by...
  2. Y

    BOOK What does MJ mean when he says "except in the reverse" (regarding paying off debts)?

    Hello, I am curious about the exact meaning of the passage on P.316 of the Millionaire Fastlane: "Escaping credit card debt requires a commitment to process over event, except in the reverse." The context: "Or perhaps you live in a house that’s just too expensive and you have paid for...

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