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  1. MJ DeMarco

    The SVB (Silicon Valley Bank) Failure, Nothingburger? Or More?

    View: View: View:
  2. Djioul

    Entrepreneurship promoted by the Script ?

    Hello everyone, Since a few weeks now, I see ads from almost every banks (in France) offering many advantages for entrepreneurs starting their business. As soon as I see an ad from a bank, it is somehow adressed to entrepreneurs. I wanted to ask you if you also saw this kind of trend on other...
  3. Quintillioner

    Founding a bank

    Hey guys I'm just 16 and thinking about to create a bank in the future maybe when I turn 24 but I need a bit more information about founding a bank so guys u are asked who can give me tips or knowledge to realize one of my dreams
  4. C

    What are the benefits of open opening a business account in a Neobank?

    What are the benefits of open opening a business account in a Neobank?
  5. Galaxy16

    Highest paid employees?

    Who are the highest paid employees? I read somewhere that some jobs give €55000/$60000 monthly. Was that true? Something about finances or banking employees? Maybe vice presidents? Or pilot captains? Some jobs actually do not rely completely on time, but also partially on performance, but...