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  1. MitchC

    MEETUPS anyone in Bali or want to travel there?

    I will be in Bali from around 15 May to 4 June for a break and to see what it would be like living there. I’m planning to learn how to surf, have a look around, have some fun and get a bit of work done if anyone is interested in meeting up and doing something? I have been to Bali before on...
  2. RazorCut

    Aspiring to become a Digital Nomad?

    I recently watched this film that focused on several digital nomads. View: A lot of it was about the stereotypical nomad working in Asia or Eastern Europe, spending their time doing lower paid gigs to sustain them in their cheap rooms and low cost...
  3. Scuur

    Anyone From The West Living Or Working In Bali?

    I've spent my entire life in the same town. I have been interested in moving to several different places. I currently have had a 10-year long obsession with surfing part of the reason the Fastlane lifestyle is so attractive to me. Most of the places are super expensive obviously all relative but...
  4. JasonR

    MEETUPS Have an Online Business and want to live in Paradise? Come join me in Bali

    So you have an online business and want to live in Paradise? Come join me in Bali for 3-6 months of business building, surfing, and fun in Bali's beast season. I'm sourcing some products in Asia, so I've got to base myself here for several months - and I thought why not do it in Paradise...
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