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  1. L

    Celcius energy drinks are going CRAZY right now. Collective 'case study' thread for opinions on why, to help new entrepreneurs understand tactics?

    Lately every single dude I see on a construction site has one of these going, and every other person I see at a corner store/gas station in the morning is buying one. I'll start by saying I am 'new entrepreneurs' but here's my ideas as to why, please correct/critique me: Marketing to the...
  2. L

    That brand "Liquid Death" is so clever, I can't help but appreciate it.

    I love the strategies they've used (from an outside perspective). They've built a pretty solid company off of literally selling canned water with a cool logo on it. Targeting a growing market of people who don't drink but still go out to bars with friends who do and creating a product that fits...
  3. Fomo

    School as a business!

    I wanted to become a software engineer. But fortunately for me i started learning to code as early as 14. I'm fully self taught and took a few courses online. While in school i noticed a lot of students complain and hate school, why? I certainly don't have the answers. I noticed students love...
  4. calv

    Looking for "Numbers" about specific Market.

    Hello guys, I am doing research to start my first business and wondering if/how do you usually approach to look for the "Numbers" you need to evaluate how big is the market you are considering to enter in. Is there any tip or website which more or less gather the main numbers related a macro...
  5. J

    How to test your IDEAS?

    Hi, I was wondering are there any good ways to test wheter your IDEA is good (there is a request for your planned product) or not. One thing that gets into my head is crowdfunding. You can get the feedback from people - you will get money or not. If not, then there's chance that your IDEA is not...
  6. Lord Business

    Investor money vs natural growth vs bank's money?

    I'm sorry if I'm creating a thread that has already been done - I couldn't find one, although I found some conversation about this subject in different threads, but a little too superficial for me to get enough information. I'm looking for perspectives and thoughts on the ancient question: is...