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accounting software

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  1. 21elnegocio

    Taxes - Strategies or Techniques to Lower My Tax Bill?

    Hello Just wanted to see what are your guys techniques or strategies that you use to lower down your tax bill at the end of the year ?
  2. WriteThatDown

    Major Quickbooks Price Increase. Alternatives?

    We've been using QB for years, and switched to the online version about 18 months ago. Had the $50/mo plan; I think that was the top of the line version at the time. About 2 months ago, found out the price was going to $60/mo... I thought, OK, nbd. Within the last few weeks, I saw emails...
  3. AgainstAllOdds

    NOTABLE! Free Accounting Software: If you need software, use these guys

    A couple months back, @Vigilante made a thread in which he recommended all of us get our accounting in order. If you don't have your accounting in order, then you can't sell your business. This is a recurring theme heard by successful entrepreneurs that sold their businesses. It doesn't seem...

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