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accounting software

  1. WriteThatDown

    Major Quickbooks Price Increase. Alternatives?

    We've been using QB for years, and switched to the online version about 18 months ago. Had the $50/mo plan; I think that was the top of the line version at the time. About 2 months ago, found out the price was going to $60/mo... I thought, OK, nbd. Within the last few weeks, I saw emails...
  2. AgainstAllOdds

    NOTABLE! Free Accounting Software: If you need software, use these guys

    A couple months back, @Vigilante made a thread in which he recommended all of us get our accounting in order. If you don't have your accounting in order, then you can't sell your business. This is a recurring theme heard by successful entrepreneurs that sold their businesses. It doesn't seem...
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