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  1. BizyDad

    Public Relations In The Age Of COVID-19

    Hi forum. We're all looking for a silver lining. Here's one. Think about this... right now a lot of people are sitting at home consuming content. And at least in my experience, getting the press interested in your business story is easier now than its been historically. Here's just one...
  2. BizyDad

    How My Attitude Towards Leadership Held Me Back For Decades

    I remember growing up my school had two or three shelves of biographies. I read them all. Those books deeply impacted who I wanted to be in life at a very young age. I remember many lessons. But this one lesson I had forgotten, until just recently: All my favorite leaders got shot. Growing up...
  3. BizyDad

    MEETUPS So You Want To Speak At Next Year's Summit? Why Wait?

    First off, the summit speakers were amazing. All did a great job (yes, I mean all.) They were so inspiring in fact, that I've heard/read it 5 or 6 times now: "I want to speak at next year's summit" "Maybe I can talk about XYZ at next year's summit" "I don't want to just go to next year's...
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