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  1. Zealander

    HOT TOPIC The AI Entrepreneurship thread. Code AI? Interested in AI? Data Science? Machine Learning?

    I have some prior experience with NLP models, but for me it is just mainly general software engineering in my work. Yeah I agree, I think for everyone what is best to understand is that the best business is to leverage what you know. If you are an android dev then probably for you it is best to...
  2. Zealander

    HOT TOPIC The AI Entrepreneurship thread. Code AI? Interested in AI? Data Science? Machine Learning?

    I agree with this point of view, but realistically probably best scenario if you are a business person is to partner with a talented engineer, do a brainstorming session with them and then try to build something for 6+ months and see if you can get some traction with users/investors. If not...
  3. Zealander

    INTRO I'm AZ - Married With Kids, Looking to Escape The Golden Handcuffs!

    I would advise you to first concentrate on your career and get into fang. You are saying like it is such an easy thing to od. Once you get that 250k salary then I would just invest into index funds, real estate. You should really appreciate how lucky you are. As a frontend dev in europe you...
  4. Zealander

    HOT TOPIC The AI Entrepreneurship thread. Code AI? Interested in AI? Data Science? Machine Learning?

    Speaking as a software engineer, i am quite pessimistic about the people here who don’t know how to code and want to create an AI business. Don’t want to be a downer but there are a lot of people that work with AI and know it in and out, know what it can and can’t do and even they can’t create...
  5. Zealander

    GOLD! 100 Unsexy Business Ideas: Name as many as you can!

    Some more business ideas which I noticed: 1. Setting up ikea kitchens. (It is pretty involved manual work, the cabinets are easy, installing the appliances is the hard part. Can be done on weekends on the side. 2. Buying special steaming / cleaning equipment and cleaning sofas, mattreses...
  6. Zealander

    What would you say to your younger self, in order to help him get his money fast

    Frankly, I would tell myself to get a seasonal job in the summer and save up some money and gain experience since I clearly didn’t have enough skills for a real business. But I still don’t regret those summers I played basketball everyday…
  7. Zealander

    Are programming interviews draining entrepreneurial spirit?

    I think this is a bit hyperbole, sure if you want to get into google or such caliber company which has hundreds of applications per position then you might need to grind on the algorithms. However it is usually not years if you have your computer science fundamentals in order.
  8. Zealander

    NEED HELP: Selling My Business and Investing $2M Profit

    ETF's are fine. I would suggest that you need to talk to a financial advisor for your specific situation. rentals could be the part that generates you cashflow month to month and the stock portfolio for long term growth. Also do look into if you get all of the investor protections investing into...
  9. Zealander

    NEED HELP: Selling My Business and Investing $2M Profit

    In my mind you have two options and the one you choose depends on what you want from life. 1) You do not want to work a day in your life anymore and want to do gardening, some gaming , etc (not expensive hobbies) then the investment strategy works fine for you since you could take 3 % from your...
  10. Zealander

    Focus on one business? Yes, but for how long?

    I would agree that the time would be when you do not see progression in a year. For example I am involved in the e learning space (udemy instructor) and the market is there (325 billion by 2025). And during a year I have moved up from 0 profit to making 2000 (throughout the whole year, i know...
  11. Zealander

    HOT TOPIC The "Half Baked" Ideas Thread

    Some Ideas of businesses that I have seen in my life: - Mobile bar - go to various events (weddings, etc.) perfect for somebody who still has a job (can do it on weekends, take a day off) and wouldn't be too hard to hire bartenders to run it. - Local Services company, setup a website, run...
  12. Zealander

    INTRO New Buddy You've Got: Crazy Brazilian Medical Student Giving Up US Residency For Fastlane

    Hi Hermilio, welcome to the forums! As somebody who is involved in the e-learning space (udemy instructor + software engineer) I would really be careful about making rash decisions regarding your career and the residency spot. I don't want to be a downer but a market of 10.000 students is not...
  13. Zealander

    INTRO Hi from EU!

    Hi guys, I am from the european union and am a young software engineer. I have already published udemy courses as part of my fastlane journey. Am making on average about 200 eur each month from that and I also have a a software engineering job for 3 years. I will be starting to study my...
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