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    Guys I need help to make $2K/mo

    I am in the process to learn product photography, this is something I wanted to do myself for my other side hustle; e commerce. Want to shoot my own pics that stand out, this got me thinking to learn this and if I master this I can also shoot pics for other e commerce guys. I know a few so I...
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    INTRO You're from where??

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    HOT TOPIC Is goal setting B#LLSH@t?!

    I had the same problem. Instead of trying to focus on the outcome (goal) try to focus on the process and be possessed with it. This approached helped me a lot lately... See your goal as your guideline. When you focus on the process (how you get there)you’ll gain more and be more happy with the...
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    MARKETPLACE Walter Hay's Business Books

    Hey Walter, I've been importing products from China - Alibaba for about a year now (only 4 different kind of products so far) Since I'm in the process now of starting out a actually brand I am really keen to learn more about sourcing and importing so I can source products time efficiently, as...
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    INTRO Here we are, long story short...

    Thanks lowtek! Yeah definitely. Never throw your old shoes away before you own a new pair is a saying we use over here!
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    INTRO Here we are, long story short...

    Hey Everyone! After I read TMFL and MJ recommended this forum I had to take a look..... I just want to give a quick introduction of myself on this forum. I have been lurking around for a month now on this forum and I must say; WOW I wish I found this earlier, what a gem... so much value in one...

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