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    O/T: HEALTH Fastlane Fasting Friends

    Going to do this next week. Those doing the fast right now, are you still working out/ going to the gym?
  2. Vas87

    GOLD! No network? No money? No idea? No education? NO PROBLEM!

    If you're scared to call, go have lunch with the business owners instead. Someone with English as their 2nd language is doing just that: How 100 'LinkedIn lunches' with strangers changed Kaley's life
  3. Vas87

    HOT TOPIC Does anyone need anything?

    It must be my limited mindset, but I don't see the leverage I have in this position. They are already getting free leads from me, if I remove them from my app, my users will just look up their info online/ using oldschool reference books. My app makes it quicker and easier though.
  4. Vas87

    HOT TOPIC Does anyone need anything?

    Thanks for quick reply. The healthcare provider orders a free trial of the product for their patient to see if it's suitable. If it is, the patient then buys through the healthcare provider or even online. So the app helps the healthcare provider select the correct product for the patient...
  5. Vas87

    HOT TOPIC Does anyone need anything?

    Hi @Johnny boy, I have a "reference" app which is in a healthcare niche. It has around 15% of the market using it. Currently it's free as I was hoping to build up the user base and then charge the companies who's products are listed there a fee but they don't want to bite. Any ideas on going...
  6. Vas87

    HOT TOPIC Struggle to move forward every week? Get ACCOUNTABLE like Legendary Fastlaners do...

    This feels exactly what I need at this time. Signed up.
  7. Vas87

    MARKETPLACE Ready to take your business to the next level? I'll coach you.

    Get the wife to make dinner and you can work on this. P.S. I am in
  8. Vas87

    MEETUPS 2018 Fastlane Summit - Ticket Swaps

    Looking for a ticket. Legit would fly out from Australia to meet you all. Otherwise 2019 it is!
  9. Vas87

    NOTABLE! Sold my $30,000 p/mth website for $650k - My "near wealth experience" taught me this--> [MP3]

    Thanks for the book Bill. A great mindset and story. Glad to see another South Aussie on here. Being a car guy, do you go to Cars and Coffee? Would be interesting to hear about your converted race car!
  10. Vas87

    A-M-A Everything You Need to Know About Sales: Part 1

    I don't want to hijack the thread, but I'm going to a PACE networking function next week. There will be local government, suppliers and commercial landlords present here in Australia. As a complete n00b in this space (I have zero network in commercial real estate/ construction) I am going as...
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    A-M-A Everything You Need to Know About Sales: Part 1

    Thanks @Ubermensch and others for so much actionable advice. I'm an optometrist and getting bored with my job but highly enjoy the sales process (upsells on lens coatings/sunglasses etc), so B2B sales with its much bigger potential paychecks got me super pumped. I am in Australia, and my state...
  12. Vas87

    GOLD! No network? No money? No idea? No education? NO PROBLEM!

    How would you suggest to finding a niche? Is it something you're interested in? For example I wanted to stick to the Optometry niche as I enjoy it but since I'm in Australia there are less than 1000 practices which seems like a limited market.
  13. Vas87

    No direction

    Thank you for the positive responses. I'd like to add another lightbulb moment was not to try and multitask. Previously I’d be trying to look at investment properties, at the same time browsing forums, and then have Facebook open on another screen. At the end of the day it would seem like I did...
  14. Vas87

    No direction

    Well it only took me almost 3 years to wake up more or less completely to the fastlane teachings. Certainly wish it was earlier
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