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    Using copywrited images for Facebook ads, is it allowed?

    I'd think so. You're using someone else's image (the original hand-drawn cartoon image) which will be copyright, and you'll be implying that Bugs is agreeing to advertise your product, which is probably a no-no as well.
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    Using copywrited images for Facebook ads, is it allowed?

    I am no expert, but I would expect that if you want to use a copyright image to sell your product / service, you're going to need to get permission from the copyright holder. A local takeaway used to be called "Popeye's", and have a drawing of the cartoon character on and around the place. This...
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    INTRO LA -> UK

    I've always wondered - how difficult would it actually be to knock up some type of "dance" track, get it picked up in the clubs around the world, sell a shed-load and just keep the cash? Every time I hear one-hit wonder tracks I think about the fact that someone sitting in a room somewhere has...
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    INTRO Complete Noob Looking For Key Starting Points (Why I'm Here & My Perspective On Wealth Building)

    I'm not sure this is really a "wealth" forum - the tag says "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Entrepreneurship", rather than "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of cash". Of course, I'd imagine a lot of people like the idea of being an entrepreneur just because of the wealth it brings, but it's not...
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    HOT TOPIC Is it possible for very rich people to hang out with poor/working class people?

    That trait alone is very valuable, and shows that they're conscious of the difference in situations and don't want to cause a problem, therefore value the ability to hang out with you more than the activity. So much nicer than either just picking expensive / extravagant activities or, perhaps...
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    HOT TOPIC Is it possible for very rich people to hang out with poor/working class people?

    In that regard alone, you must be the only vegan who doesn't drop it into the conversation within the first couple of minutes. :)
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    HOT TOPIC Is it possible for very rich people to hang out with poor/working class people?

    Around here (small-ish town in the UK) I think it would be difficult to know how wealthy someone is. Plenty of wealthy people drive old cars, dress down to suit wherever they're going, and don't stand out, though the national lottery has produced plenty of winners who are completely the opposite...
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    2 ideas that I'm looking for partners for

    Yes, I get that, though I'm not sure I agree with your later comment about HR (which, like any non-technical role, has its place once things start to get bigger. Do you want your devs to be spending time on stuff like that when you have a group of 20 of them?) My issue is having the idea in the...
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    2 ideas that I'm looking for partners for

    Now, that's where I have a problem - I have no ideas. I have time, I have some money, I have some coding experience, I have some other non-IT experience and capability, and yet I'm fresh out of ideas. Everything I can think of I dismiss as either something no-one would pay for, or something...
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    i dont think

    Failing isn't really an issue, it's failing without learning something from it that is a problem. Plenty of successful people failed many times before succeeding, and there's probably loads of them on here. I often feel the same way - I have a habit of "fast-forwarding" through scenarios and...
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    INTRO I turned my indicator on and I'm switching lanes

    Good on you for hitting that realisation early enough to do something about it, and then actually taking the first big step. I suspect that as I'm already at your "by the time" age (and a bit beyond it, if I were to be totally honest) my potential is limited, but maybe not, and that's why I'm...
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    OFF-TOPIC Best Way to Move from EU to US? Any Success Stories?

    Would that work? Being a coder is something you can do anywhere, so however great you become, and whoever in the US (or anywhere else) wants to hire you, would they really want to bring you to the US, or prefer to have you work where you are? I don't want to just be negative, I understand that...
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    INTRO Not sure if I belong here...

    ... but then that pretty much applies to most places I go, online or in reality. I'm getting on a bit, have worked in a normal job for some time but am now self-employed with two separate (and entirely different) things going on. Both of them are directly linked to the amount of time I can put...
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    INTRO You're from where??

    North west UK.
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