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    EXECUTION Making Money Building Websites

    What did you do your postgrad in?
  2. Tourmaline

    EXECUTION KAK's Kill Bigger Radio Show

    Obviously you won. You are an uncorrupted capitalist and get it from the first axiom to the end result.
  3. Tourmaline

    EXECUTION KAK's Kill Bigger Radio Show

    Whose fault is it if they hate their job? Whose responsibility is it to find a job they enjoy and find and gain value in?
  4. Tourmaline

    Need Feedback on My Web App Idea and If I Should Pursue?

    How will you deal with partial ingredient usage for recipes? It seems like an interesting idea overall, but hard to tell if it's one people would actually pay for.
  5. Tourmaline

    EXECUTION KAK's Kill Bigger Radio Show

    @Kak @Vigilante I quite enjoyed the debate on capitalism! @Vigilante many of your words remind of communist propaganda. It alludes to workers being exploited by capitalists and wage slavery. The existence of inequality does not imply or prove some are being taken advantage of, nor that profit...
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    INTRO Whaa gwaan fastlaners!

    Have you read Built to Sell? If not, it seems like exactly what you need.
  7. Tourmaline

    EXECUTION KAK's Kill Bigger Radio Show

    @Kak Been loving your podcast so far! Tons of value and great perspective, can't wait to see where it goes!
  8. Tourmaline

    OFF-TOPIC Tesla Cybertruck

    Nice video. Forget Leno was still alive! It looks like real life CGI for sure. The benefits of being a super nerd with multiple corporations at your disposal perhaps?
  9. Tourmaline

    Packaging a PRODUCT!

    Surprised this had no replies! Interesting post...packaging is quite intriguing.
  10. Tourmaline

    How do I sell to schools?

    Who in the school makes the decision? Who is the gatekeeper? You'll want to target them. Great idea!
  11. Tourmaline

    Should you fix your mindset before you start?

    "Think less, do more" - Some famous wise guy
  12. Tourmaline

    GOLD! Moved to Scottsdale, Growing a Web Design Firm

    What if you were to set something up so your friend's PPC customers get a free SEO Report with your branding all over it?
  13. Tourmaline

    HELP WANTED Facebook Ads

    @Sanj Modha does Facebook too
  14. Tourmaline

    Vegan Niche ideas.

    What does the vegan community want that they can't find? What are their current unmet pain points? You will find far more answers and clues by listening and speaking to vegans. If you are not already, go to where vegans are talking.
  15. Tourmaline

    WEB SCHOOL So you want to develop your own website. Really?

    Isn't it fun when you forget how you made the changes you now need to further alter? Especially when using ruby? And by fun, I mean a time consuming waste.

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