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    EXECUTION Bath and beauty product business from scratch

    Well, I'd say no market can have no competition unless one already has a monopoly in it. Then if it's profitable, some competition is bound to show up. Are you suggesting lots of competition is unavoidable and a poor excuse to avoid a market?
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    EXECUTION Bath and beauty product business from scratch

    There just seems to be an overwhelming number of existing products that have similar purposes and benefits. Maybe being saturated isn't a bad thing, as long as our products are unique in desirable ways and we're able to make those ways known. Looking up the meaning of market saturation, using...
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    EXECUTION Bath and beauty product business from scratch

    Thanks for sharing all this detailed info. It's good to know the range of options available and what I'm getting myself into. I imagine our goal would be to get to the 3rd, after we've proven the market a bit more. Finding a manufacturer you're happy with seems like a major pain point, but I'm...
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    EXECUTION Bath and beauty product business from scratch

    We have made some progress this week, after taking it easy following the craft fair. Our Facebook page now has each of our products listed in the shop, with pictures, descriptions and prices for each. The descriptions could use another pass, but at least there's something there. The FB user...
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    EXECUTION Bath and beauty product business from scratch

    Thanks ProblemOd! I am curious how you found the manufacturer and how much they do for you. Do you just tell them the type of product and unit count you want and they handle the manufacturing, packaging and labeling? With that done, it seems like the rest is all marketing and sales.
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    EXECUTION Bath and beauty product business from scratch

    About a month ago my girlfriend and I decided to put some products together for her school's craft fair. We came up with a list of 8 products to formulate, researched recipes online and checked competing products. We dropped 1 along the way since it didn't look like we'd be able to sell it...
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    I recently finished reading UNSCRIPTED. Great content that I hope to put into practice soon!
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    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    It was great for listening during my commute, but I get more out of it when I have the physical book to go through.
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    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I listened to TMF audiobook a while back and reread it more recently. Also just finished Unscripted and loved it!
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    Crowdfunding or Accepting a loan for product manufacturing

    The big appeal of going the crowdfunding route is that it proves the market for your product without needing to risk a large chunk of capital up front. I would rather find out it won't work by spending a few thousand of my own money, than borrowing 10x that of someone else's.
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    would forex expertise be considered a fastlane to wealth?

    I've actually been researching it again lately, and plan on getting started demo trading soon. With my tech background, I might stumble upon some opportunities in this space too! As others said, passing the CENTS test basically comes down to capitalization. You need enough that safe trading...
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    NOTABLE! Live Rent Free in Multiple Countries

    If you're coming up with an accurate average occupancy rate, the 10% cushion shouldn't be needed. It might be handy to use it as a worst-case scenario to see if you'll maintain profitability during weak periods.
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    EXECUTION Uber of IT Support

    So it's targeted more at businesses that need "a computer guy" for general help. Something between a nephew who's "good with computers" and an "enterprise class" consulting firm. I imagine marketing will be a big key to your success; you want to be the company small business owners think of when...
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    EXECUTION Uber of IT Support

    What sets you apart from a regular placement agency? Or something like If you're talking about IT support that requires a developer, small chunks of work will be a lot less efficient unless the contractor is already familiar with the system and code base. Plus any onboarding/setup...
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    OFF-TOPIC Booking a one way ticket and starting a new life?

    I did something similar a decade ago, but had a return flight booked for 1 year later. And it was specifically to teach in Thailand. At $500-$1000/mo living expenses, it's not hard to get by there so homelessness shouldn't be a concern. There's always the option of doing private English lessons...

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