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  1. TahitiBlob

    EXECUTION Processing the idea - Step by step

    Hi everyone, Some days ago, I introduced myself on this forum via this post. As I was deeply convinced that "I found THE idea", I promised to give you an overview of the different steps I initiated. To be direct, now that I processed some steps, I'm not so convinced anymore that the idea will...
  2. TahitiBlob

    INTRO I found the idea!

    Hi everyone, Hi @MJ DeMarco, First of all, I'd like to present myself to the community. Belgian, 42 years old, past a lot of years working for an employer (and still doing it), following the "slow lane" and clearly close to the "poverty lane" if something happens in my professional path (yes...
  3. TahitiBlob

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Hi everyone, I just finished reading the book. It opened my eyes on so many things that made me being passive in my life. Now, I just have to act! Have a nice day.
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