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Recent content by Supa

  1. Supa

    The Ego Is Your Friend

    I agree with what you say, though I do think having a big ego and being an a**hole do not need to co-exist together. Someone can be confident as f*ck and be the kindest person. I mean, what about all those people who truly care about people and therefore create products that help them? Just...
  2. Supa

    Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    HOT! CHAT 
    Very interesting article. And I agree with it. Especially the AI trend shows this. Now, don‘t get me wrong, since reading @MJ DeMarco ‘s thread on how to use ChatGPT basically as a better search engine, I see a lot of value in it and it has helped me tremendously since using it this way. But...
  3. Supa

    What if we could make Reading a lot smoother?

    Absolutely. I see it more as something that‘s really helpful to have in your repertoire of skills and that can enhance your reading experience. I see it as something you can „turn on“ when you want to get through something quicker or for boring stuff, and turn it „off“ when you don‘t want to...
  4. Supa

    What if we could make Reading a lot smoother?

    There are some things that pretty much all of us on here have in common. One of those is, that we all read a lot. Though of course there are more ways of learning something new, reading remains at the top with listening, watching and others. But for many, reading is quite an (mentally)...
  5. Supa

    New "User Power" Metric Live (thanks ChatGPT)

    Awesome new metric, thanks for implementing it (and so fast). I‘m sure this will help a lot to keep the noise at bay and see more quality posts :) Just discovered, that on mobile you can see it when you‘re in landscape mode (at least on the iPhone, don‘t know how it‘s on Android).
  6. Supa

    Mental Health Awareness Thread

    To add to the topic of how our childhoods influence our adult lives, a video from The School of Life.
  7. Supa

    Best book to learn E-commerce?

    Man, this reminded me of the old REP $ system. Made it really clear who adds value to the forum. But yeah, the post-like ratio is something I always look at when reading something from a name I don‘t know yet.
  8. Supa

    Mental Health Awareness Thread

    Yes, it does not change anything that happened. And knowing alone won‘t change much either. I’m a big fan of illuminating the why and its connections to the present. Without understanding the why it‘s like there are strings attached to you that lead into the dark. Strings that influence a lot...
  9. Supa

    Mental Health Awareness Thread

    I agree to some extent. I think for many people this is true. Others, though, some of them who may have felt a kind of hole inside of them for most of their life, could do as much exercise and eat as clean and would still feel empty once the good chemicals from exercising wane off. There are...
  10. Supa

    Can money buy happiness? Scientists (finally) say yes.

    Absolutely agree with this. In his book Psychocybernetics (though quite old and some parts may be outdated by now) Maxwell Maltz talks a lot about the self-image. He writes about his experience of being a plastic surgeon and sometimes experiencing drastic changes in personality in his patients...
  11. Supa

    Can money buy happiness? Scientists (finally) say yes.

    I think one reason, why there seems to be a trend towards "being happy with mediocrity" ist the boom of entrepreneurship over the last 5-10 years or so. I remember, when I read TMF and came on here, most people didn't give a crap about entrepreneurship. Sure there have always been some that...
  12. Supa

    Most of us ain't getting rich, and that's okay

    What you describe when you write about being rich means you don‘t have much time is actually a better description of a Slowlane „success“ rather than a Fastlane success. Guess who needs to work 40+ hours a week and doesn‘t have much time for what they truly enjoy? People going the career path...
  13. Supa

    WordPress Site Speed, Perfected—Ask Me Anything

    A quick Google search brought this up:
  14. Supa

    Mental Health Awareness Thread

    What you say is to some extent similar to the philosophy of Alfred Adler. I don't know if you're familiar with him or his work. I still like the idea of understanding the why, in order to treat the what. So, let's use your example of the drunk person. Yes, they have not many reasons for high...
  15. Supa

    Mental Health Awareness Thread

    Haven't heard of that theory yet, but it sounds interesting! Will look into it. Thanks! Edit to add: A quick Google search brought me to this article: Brain Energy: The Metabolic Theory of Mental Illness by Christopher M Palmer M.D. as well as the book of the same name (Brain Energy). Will take...

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