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    Success Story 6.0 Bull

    My biggest question with your story thus far is the legality of your website. Isn't scanning in images from magazines and posting them on the internet for profit clear cut copyright infringement?
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    WEB/DIGITAL I have an idea but don't know where or how to start?!

    Do you have any expertise in designing, programming, and maintaining a website? Depending on what type of website you are going to operate, this is a huge consideration.
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    Favorite online brokerage?

    I use Questrade. Cheap trades and a reputable company. That's all I really need as I'm a buy & hold investor.
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    analog to digital switch

    These boxes are not going to be very profitable for most electronics companies. The technology is simple enough that the budget Chinese brands will dominate this market and kill profit margins. The only play I could see here is investing in consumer electronics companies that are leaders in...
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