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  1. stealth09

    Initial Order and How much to Buy?

    I 100% agree with you @Walter Hay and actually have thought of business ideas before that I did not execute based on this very reason. I believe (hopefully) that this niche is so tight that it does not become a race to the bottom. I only really have one major competitor in Canada right now. As...
  2. stealth09

    Initial Order and How much to Buy?

    It is not a me too product. Like I said one of the main products is a consumable. You use it and your done, then you buy more. There are well established brands that people only use, and I would be bringing it to them at a cheaper price. The other products are a brand name "utensil". Basically...
  3. stealth09

    Initial Order and How much to Buy?

    I fully agree with you. I currently am a manager in the Oil & Gas field and make multi million dollar decisions daily on my own, but I guess you could say this is a new playing ground for me.
  4. stealth09

    Initial Order and How much to Buy?

    The plan was to start on my site first, and then add the product to FBA for more of a mark-up. I think people would like to buy it from Amazon due to their reputation and shipping speed. I would send a "business card/thank you message" and direct them to my website for future purchases at a...
  5. stealth09

    Initial Order and How much to Buy?

    My plan was to first buy from a Wholesaler for the sake of ease to obtaining the product, once I validate the business I will be reaching out to the manufacturers of the product so I can become on their vendor list. I am pretty confident in the product moving, and I can mark it up 100%, it is a...
  6. stealth09

    Initial Order and How much to Buy?

    So I am starting a e-commerce business for a niche that I am well aware of. Now I am just starting out, and I am looking at spending $1000 into my first order from my wholesaler for a few products. Just to test the waters and see if the business is viable. But that puts the cost of my main...
  7. stealth09

    MEETUPS 2018 Fastlane Summit - Confirmed Speaker List

    Sounds good. Hope to make it!
  8. stealth09

    MARKETPLACE I will fix any problem in your life. Guaranteed.

    Andrew, I can't find pricing anywhere, do you mind sending me a PM. Thanks.
  9. stealth09

    Any tips on how to check if supplier is legit (Morocco)?

    Just wondering how you made out with this product?
  10. stealth09

    I had that idea first, and I'm GLAD they're making millions.

    Not hating. But you come off as very arrogant by saying you thought of those ideas first. You sound like those old men who have stories about "back in the day..." that you know are BS. Your thread would of came off better if you based it around people taking time to execute and being left...
  11. stealth09

    INTRO Greetings from the Middle East

    Welcome to the forum. Lots of good information here!
  12. stealth09

    HOT TOPIC I've got to fire my brother.

    All family business should be written in contract. All, no matter how small or large. That way you both agree to a set of rules and can go back to the original deal you agreed to if something arises. I know this isn't your issue right now, I thought I would just say it. Family is family, but...
  13. stealth09

    OFF-TOPIC What do you drive?

    Used to have some fancy vehicles such as an Escalade, Range Rover Sport, Audi Q7, and Mercedes CL600. Hated having payments, and terrible resale value on those vehicles. Got rid of them and bought a 2008 Toyota Tundra. One of the best decisions ever. I can buy those vehicles cash now, but why...
  14. stealth09

    OFF-TOPIC Hanjin Bankruptcy

    Anyone concerned with Hanjin and their recent filing for Banktruptcy? I am wondering how this will affect shipping to NA?

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