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  1. srodrigo

    EXECUTION No More B*llSh*t

    Hey, good that you are calling yourself out about your own BS. I don't have the magic sauce, but in case this helps: If you struggle with habits, you might want to read Atomic Habits, or a few articles by his author. You can't have discipline in every area of your live (please anyone correct...
  2. srodrigo

    EXECUTION No More B*llSh*t

    @CrimsonNight how is this going? Any updates?
  3. srodrigo

    OFF-TOPIC MacBook Air or Dell XPS 13 Laptop for programming?

    Lol, thanks. I didn't see that. They don't show it on the front page, just i3 and i5. I'm really surprised they managed to get some i7 in such a thin thing. But... ...yeah, I would be wary of thermal issues. It might be fine though, research and looking at reviews should clarify this. I've...
  4. srodrigo

    OFF-TOPIC MacBook Air or Dell XPS 13 Laptop for programming?

    I don't know about Geekbench, TBH. The reasons why I say the Air will most likely lack power are (non-exhaustive list): They historically lacked of power compared to a MBP. MBPs have higher base CPU speeds. MBPs have termal issues. I can imagine so does the Air if put under stress (haven't...
  5. srodrigo

    OFF-TOPIC MacBook Air or Dell XPS 13 Laptop for programming?

    I'd get the Dell and install a user-friendly Linux distribution, specially given you want to code SaaS. Windows is a pain for that kind of things, and a Macbook Air will lack power. A Macbook Pro would be ideal, but if that's above your budget, Dell + Linux. There are even some XPS that come...
  6. srodrigo

    I wrote a SaaS product because the internet made me believe it'd make me rich

    Congrats for shipping, even if it didn't make much money (yet). I'd still try to market it more and you might be either surprised or have actual prove to move on. BTW Hiring people for every single thing is something I keep seeing being recommended on this forum. While outsourcing can be...
  7. srodrigo

    O/T: HEALTH 8/16 diet

    This ^^^ Other than that, from what I've read, it's all about calories in/calories out, and it doesn't seem to matter when you have them. But fasting will help eating less, so overall it tends to work.
  8. srodrigo

    EXECUTION No More B*llSh*t

    Cool stuff. I really wish you best of luck in your journey :) There are a few people here who make mobile apps and games. I don't really have any tips apart from the typical ones. I think trying to release an MVP ASAP is a great strategy, there's nothing worse than spending ages on something no...
  9. srodrigo

    EXECUTION No More B*llSh*t

    How are you approaching the MVP of the game? Do you have final art for the MVP, or are you planning to improve it later? I'm asking this because I've been into making games and apps before. It felt to me like I could release an ugly app the overhaul the design at any time if I got users. But...
  10. srodrigo

    HOT TOPIC The AI Entrepreneurship thread. Code AI? Interested in AI? Data Science? Machine Learning?

    Interesting article about making picks and shovels for the AI gold rush: A Massive Opportunity Exists To Build “Picks And Shovels” For Machine Learning
  11. srodrigo

    HOT TOPIC Enneagram Test: What are you?

    Pretty much two types. But makes sense in my case and matches up with other kind of tests.
  12. srodrigo

    EXECUTION Building a video games business from scratch

    Sorry in advance for the upcoming wall of text and the conclusion. I was going to post an update to tell about this week's improvement, as I managed to put some work on the mobile app every day for the first time in a month. But I've changed the topic, as in reality it was just a burst and...
  13. srodrigo

    Selling music

    You might want to take a look at this: View: He talks about freelancing rates. TL;DR: he recommends less $500-$1500 per minute of music for experienced composers, and less if you are starting out. I can't find another video I saw where he talks...
  14. srodrigo

    O/T: HEALTH Am I depressed, lost or just lazy?

    Sometimes I wonder about this exact thing as well.
  15. srodrigo

    GOLD! From 0 To $240,000 Per Year PROFIT In 18 Months

    Hi Richard! Another software dev here. First of all, congratulations for your success. This thread is very inspiring and I love the fact that you answer questions very openly. I really like the idea of buying online businesses as an alternative to building them from 0. I just have one problem...

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