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  1. sonny_1080

    INTRO Thanks to MJ Demarco and all the awesome contributors on this forum

    I made this thread for the guys newer to the forum than myself... I hope you get something out of it:
  2. sonny_1080

    SELL ME SAT Self-Promotion: Post Your Offer, YouTube Channel, Your Service (May 2020)

    Signed up! Super stoked! For anyone who doesn't know, anything from Andy Black is pure GOLD
  3. sonny_1080

    EXECUTION An Excel Course?

    Thats funny, I was just gonna PM you about recommendations on an excel course specifically for your google ads strategy. Good thing I found this first. I would LOVE a course from you on excel! Specifically one that provides a deeper understanding of these videos: View...
  4. sonny_1080

    Tips Working Remotely

    Where can I find this one?
  5. sonny_1080

    EXECUTION To Those Panicked/Discouraged by the PANDEMIC (or New to FLF)

    [Progress Update] I'll keep it brief because I have to get back to work. I found a way to combat the headwinds I spoke about in my last post: Engage the market Get feedback (so far every business owner I've spoken to has seen the value in what I do.) Remind myself my "initial model of users...
  6. sonny_1080

    NOTABLE! What is the BEST "value" you ever paid for?

    Sold. Just bought one lol
  7. sonny_1080

    NOTABLE! What is the BEST "value" you ever paid for?

    When is the next one and how much money do I need to save?
  8. sonny_1080

    EXECUTION To Those Panicked/Discouraged by the PANDEMIC (or New to FLF)

    [Progress Update] Another day I've woken up at 4:30am thinking about how I have to execute. Since my last post, I did exactly what @Andy Black suggested: before I put anymore work into my barber friend's account, about a week ago I explained to him (for over an hour) the value of the ads. He...
  9. sonny_1080

    EXECUTION Gravy's Hustle Thread: $100k/mo or Bust!

    Stayed busy, made new friends, and learned a ton during my quarantine lol. Most productive 6 weeks of my life.
  10. sonny_1080

    Thats Why They're Broke

    Very true
  11. sonny_1080

    HOT TOPIC What has been GOOD about quarantine/corona for you?
  12. sonny_1080

    Thats Why They're Broke

    Yeah ofcourse
  13. sonny_1080

    Thats Why They're Broke

    I feel like this strategy really depends on what you’re selling though. If I’m a consultant, then this is probably the best strategy. If I’m a car salesman, the guy who tries to convince everyone he comes across will probably sell more cars than the guy who doesn’t. I don’t know I’m just...
  14. sonny_1080

    Thats Why They're Broke

    You might find this little story beneficial. The pandemic has obviously affected a lot of people financially (including myself). Some beneficially, most burdensome. A few years ago I marketed and sold financial plans. After 6 months I started to see a pattern: The people who most needed the...
  15. sonny_1080

    The Biggest Benefit of AdWords

    Good to know, I want to get into FB ads next

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