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    Monetizing gaming streaming/videos

    Might be too late now, but have you tried starting with smaller streamers who might be more willing to try new things, and who aren't as bombarded with messages?
  2. SolopreneurGrind

    Buy a SAAS licence and become a CEO in one day!

    Makes sense, where would you recommend starting for someone who knows nothing other than building a few basic sites on WordPress (without ever writing a line of code)
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    When to monetize an app, or should I even be thinking about it?

    It's hard to give a specific suggestion without much detail on your app/idea, but I'll say you should definitely make sure there is a way you can monetize before you start sinking a lot of time and money into it (unless a pure passion project). If you're hoping to turn this into a profitable...
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    Buy a SAAS licence and become a CEO in one day!

    Have always thought this was a wise strategy, ie. to buy SaaS businesses that have potential but for whatever reason the owner is selling or white labeling them. Problem for me is I'm not a techie so I'd have no idea how to bug fix, built in upgrades, etc so I've stuck to buying/selling blogs...
  5. SolopreneurGrind

    What Jay Abraham Concepts Have You Used?

    If you haven't read his book "How to get everything you can out of all you've got", I highly, highly recommend it. It's nothing earth-shattering in terms of the concepts, but it's a great read and so practical and easy to implement in your business or a new business the very next day.
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    Pricing High or Low when Launching

    I think you really need to think long and hard about how you want your products/brand to come across to consumers. Unfortunately there's not enough info for me to answer this for you, but are you selling a: 1) cheap commodity 2) luxury/specialty product What I mean is: are you selling...
  7. SolopreneurGrind

    OFF-TOPIC What was your first car?

    A few years ago, a 2009 Hyundai elantra. Wanted to learn standard so I figured "if I buy a standard car, only option will be to learn how to drive it". Loved driving standard (took a week or two of practice), then sold it a year later when I moved to a bigger city right downtown.
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    New blog or new book, what's your advice?

    Are you doing anything to drive traffic to the posts, or just relying on SEO? If the latter, I highly recommend starting some form of social media account and growing that to push some traffic to the blog, otherwise it may take some time for the SEO to kick in. For example, an instagram account...
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    Facebook Down!

    This is why I always suggest building that email list ;)
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    Where and how to find good virtual assistant?

    I just hired my first "VA", but I decided against the full outsourcing model and just found one in my home city. I considered finding ones online in other countries that I could get for 1/3 of the price, but because of how "important" the admin work I want to outsource is, the fact that I wanted...
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    HOT TOPIC Will smoking weed make me lazy/hurt my (good) mindset?

    I have never tried it myself, but have a fair amount of friends that use it. When I was "younger", I was just never interested, busy with other things and my dad was very against it. Over the years, I saw the effects it had on my friends (not that they weren't "successful", but the way it made...
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    What should I learn?

    Spend a few days/weeks researching the options out there, then try the 2-3 that seem the most interesting to you. The reality is you will be more drawn to and more motivated by things you enjoy in the long run, and you will quickly learn what excites you, discover opportunities and be more...
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    INTRO Greetings from Canada

    A Toronto get-together could be a cool idea!

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