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  1. Skroytz

    LLC and Corp Formation and Registered Agent Service in all 50 States, Virtual Mailbox, Remote Online Notary Services

    So i am a newbie but i have some questions. I live in Greece. 1) Can i open a company there and my company tax obligation to be for example: in Wyoming and not in Greece ? 2) Lew say that i open a company. And the company make a revenue 10000$/month. And my wage as an owner is 1000$. The...
  2. Skroytz

    My journey so far...

    Thank you for your support rymf :)
  3. Skroytz

    My journey so far...

    Thank you. I connected all the good habits from the books i have read so far. I hope to have some value in the future
  4. Skroytz

    My journey so far...

    Hello, After a lot of months, I write a post for the second time here in this forum. I do not want to delay you if you read this so I will go straight to the point.I started the wealth journey on December of 2020 1) I had an idea about an app. I am from Greece and I live in Greece. This app...
  5. Skroytz

    Hello from Greece - Creation of a SaaS and marketing problem

    Appreciate it man :D
  6. Skroytz

    Hello from Greece - Creation of a SaaS and marketing problem

    Thank you for your support and answer. Yes this is a good idea to have another person to focus on the marketing. For sure i will se some courses and i will read again some threads from here that they give extremely value, for having a general idea about the subject. I have started the blog...
  7. Skroytz

    Hello from Greece - Creation of a SaaS and marketing problem

    Hello everyone, First, thank you that you spent time reading this post. My english is not very good and i hope to understand the whole writing here. I am Nondas from Greece and i am 28 years old. I have been in the personal improvement mode for about 3,5 years now. I have joined a community...
  8. Skroytz

    I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I have finished the book before 1 month and was mind blowing. After i read unscripted and this was incredible too !!
  9. Skroytz

    I've Read UNSCRIPTED!

    Hello i just finished the book before some days. It was really amazing bookand i enjoyed a lot. The value was amazing i am looking forward to make my dreams true !
  10. Skroytz

    Greetings from Greece

    Καλησπέρες και από εμένα ! Can you share with us some information about how you start Amazon FBA in Greece ? If you are available i wanted to talk either here or on instagram , facebook etc ! Thank you in advance from athens :D

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