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    Idea brainstorming around a this problem: overconcentration of population

    This process can´t be stopped therefore its useless looking for solutions to solve this problem. I would rather look for ways to ease this process. By that I mean looking for ways to help the new people coming into the city and somehow earn money that way. During a gold rush sell shovels
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    What is the Trend right now?

    I´m asking myself what business model everybody follows right now. At some point in time SEO was hot, then there was Podcast,and the latest trend i know of was Social Media Marketing. What is hot right now or is there no new trend at the moment?
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    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read it, I think no book out there has better quotes than the millionaire fastlane
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    Read it, my favourite part were the CENTS - really good insight on what to look for before starting!
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    O/T: HEALTH Doing a 4 day fast to get all the nonsense out

    Before fasting you have to prepare your body for the fast, a whole bag of chips wasnt a good choice. Try to eat some fruits and veggies before you start your fast.
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