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  1. Sauce

    How to Identify Entrepreneurial Investors from the Broke Landlords

    I get this. I used to run and REIA, but dropped it. Currently doing 1031's out of my SFR in to industrial. Biggerpockets tends to be geared more toward beginners. Twitter seems to be where the bigger guys are hanging out. Good Luck.
  2. Sauce

    Apartment Valuation Watch

    Speaking of Multifamily being on fire... CBRE 1st Half of 2021 Multi Cap Rate Survey. Some pretty eye popping numbers on here.
  3. Sauce

    Buy Home With Cash VS Getting A Mortgage (for well off, self-made 34 year old)

    Another option - buy cash and then you can always do a refi or HELOC at a later date. We bought our personal home cash. Waited 6 months, then we were able to cash out at the appraised value. What would you do with the money otherwise?
  4. Sauce

    Any Real Estate Investors Suffering Due to Rent Moratoriums?

    40+ doors and no problems. Most of my houses are on the middle end of the spectrum for my market. Commercial portfolio has been performing well so far. The macro economy is much less important to me than the specific submarkets I am invested in.
  5. Sauce

    HOT TOPIC I'm worried about the real estate market right now

    Home prices are still rising. Home showings have slowed, I think due to them not wanting to continually fight and lose houses. Rents are way up and still going.
  6. Sauce

    HOT TOPIC I'm worried about the real estate market right now

    I think that housing prices will continue to rise for a few reasons. 1. Simple supply and demand. We aren't building enough houses to keep up with demand. In 2008, supply surpassed demand. One Caveat is there are going to be markets where there are winners and losers. I moved to Lubbock TX...
  7. Sauce

    HOT TOPIC I'm worried about the real estate market right now

    You can absolutely grow $1k to one million in RE. Takes some time, and lots of trading up, but it can be done (I will take $30k to $1mm plus early next year in the span of <2 years).
  8. Sauce

    HOT TOPIC I'm worried about the real estate market right now

    That is really crazy. I still don't get the market, but I am holding my 45+ rental units as a hedge on inflation. They are cash flow positive right now, and if I sold, I wouldn't have a place to put my capital without a big tax hit. Another concept I have been considering is that a house is...
  9. Sauce

    HOT TOPIC I'm worried about the real estate market right now

    The current market makes me think of the warren buffett quote "be fearful when people are greedy and greedy when people are fearful". On one hand we are in the middle of a global "pandemic". States are being shutdown, unemployment is at a record high. On the other, the stock market is about...
  10. Sauce

    Wholesalers ?

    I was wholesaling houses - the market got too tight for me. Our cost per deal quadrupled. We shifted to a different space and are waiting til things cool off.
  11. Sauce

    HOT TOPIC Possible Blue Ocean? Affordable "tiny" housing park

    Sorry @Blackadder I would have to disagree. The expensive part of kitchens and baths comes in the finishes (tile, cabinets, countertops, fixtures). There just aren't that many finishes in a tiny home. Lets do some more digging on the dwellito homes The Dwellito Novato Model is 1200 SF, and...
  12. Sauce

    HOT TOPIC Possible Blue Ocean? Affordable "tiny" housing park

    Those houses are crazy expensive. Most are $200 - $400 Per square foot. Not really an affordable option.
  13. Sauce

    HOT TOPIC Possible Blue Ocean? Affordable "tiny" housing park

    Another consideration - you need to have buy in from the local municipality. In my town we have "impact fees". It doesn't matter if you build a 400 Sq Foot house or a 10,000 sq foot house, you will pay $15,000 for the following: parks, trails, public safety, water, sewer and drainage. Add...
  14. Sauce

    2 rental properties and counting.

    I would be really interested to see some pics of the finished units. Always interesting to see how they do it in different countrys @lunga ngcobo
  15. Sauce

    Time to plan for the next RE phase

    @SteveO I always appreciate your posts. I don't see how a lot of these folks are making money in the apartment space. I get pitched a syndication monthly or more. Most of them are planning on a consistent or lower cap rate with an increased NOI. "Value Add" is the name of their game. They...
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