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  1. rybanez

    INTRO I want To Be A Success In Life And Overcome Personal Failure

    ^^^ This Learn a valuable skill and then learn how to sell the skill directly to people who need what you offer. Let me give you an example: Powerwashing. One way to do it: Go work for a pressure washing company outside of the town/city you live in (so you won't be competing with them in the...
  2. rybanez

    Could low entry be an asset (Let's assume you're also not necessarily exceptional)

    Being exceptional would probably be needed. Otherwise, wouldn't you get drown out by all the newbies just starting? In a fading trend, though, sticking it out might work (less people are coming in than going out, so lower competition). When people move onto the next hot thing, whatever was hot...
  3. rybanez

    Stuck deciding between multiple business ideas

    ^^^ This. For point #4, I would recommend paid ads. This way you can get actual data on demand and see if people who click your ad actually want what you offer. I do this often. Ran some Google Ads this past weekend with $50 daily spends each. Made a landing page, set up an offer, and if...
  4. rybanez

    EXECUTION Growing a local service business (side hustle)

    I'm glad you're getting value from the thread so far. You may PM me anytime to discuss further. Thanks.
  5. rybanez

    O/T: HEALTH Trying to loose weight (not succeeding )

    ^^^^^ This. Also, there are many plant-based meat/milk/fish replacements on the market, and though they do contain oil, they can help curb cravings for animal products. Add them to whole foods, and you've got a healthy, tasty dinner. For example, my go-to dinner is rice and mixed veggies (I...
  6. rybanez

    HOT TOPIC Has Amazon become a monopoly?

    The consumer might not have a choice, eventually. And most won't care so long as they get low prices and convenience. But at that point, small businesses won't have a choice either. Amazon's monopoly might not be based on price after all, but rather the control which they possess over the...
  7. rybanez

    Worst Slowlane songs

    Slowlane anthem?
  8. rybanez

    Worst Slowlane songs

    When I think of the Slowlane, I think of this song: View:
  9. rybanez

    EXECUTION Growing a local service business (side hustle)

    Sure, here's a screenshot of the Google search results for a random local service. I circled the "snack pack" section at the top of page 1:
  10. rybanez

    HOT TOPIC Has Amazon become a monopoly?

    "Your margin is my opportunity." - Jeff Bezos
  11. rybanez

    EXECUTION Growing a local service business (side hustle)

    So far got a few customers with it. My impression count (and click count) took a nosedive recently, so I upped my bids a bit to test for the next week or two. Do you know if organic efforts matter much to AdWords impressions? For example, I recently managed to get into Google's Snack Pack and...
  12. rybanez

    EXECUTION Growing a local service business (side hustle)

    I'm new to the forum, but thought I'd post a progress thread for a local service side hustle I just started. I currently make 90% of my income online (after switching lanes at the end of 2016 and closing a bricks and mortar store I owned) and with the online business continuing to grow nicely...
  13. rybanez

    HOT TOPIC Has Amazon become a monopoly?

    I agree that Amazon has become a disruption machine, and I do believe they are a monopoly that may one day best even Walmart. I think what Walmart did to mom and pop shops in the 80's and 90's is nothing compared to what Amazon is doing to nearly all retailers and many other industries. You can...
  14. rybanez

    HOT TOPIC Plant-Based Opportunities / Vegan Business Opportunities

    I've been vegan for 4 years so I had to see if there was a "vegan business opportunity" thread on here, and wasn't surprised to find it. The opportunity is growing by the month, and if my Tekel Syndrome flared up again, I'd be all over it. I've noticed more and more vegan products on the...
  15. rybanez

    INTRO My story after years of hustling...

    Glad to hear you're taking action and making a prototype. Becoming a "busy fool" is something I've done more than I'd like to admit. You are wise to only seek out relevant information. Learning to focus only on the information that's applicable to the problem at hand is crucial. And the...
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