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  1. richRich

    GOLD! Ask Me Anything About SaaS ( I'm building my 7th )

    The only way I'd do it, too, keeping a centralised codebase for all of my clients. Otherwise, you make a little change, fix a bug, add a feature and you have 100 clients with clones of your system. How comfortable is it to update all of them? I want to deploy a change any second a client needs...
  2. richRich

    Best Options for short-term Freelancing as Full-Stack Programmer

    What makes a good proposal, then? Will there be an execution thread then? ;) Do/will you have a blog yourself since you mentioned it here as viable strategy to build authority before getting gigs?
  3. richRich

    MARKETPLACE Forum Self-Promotion Opp: Offers, Links, Your Biz, More (December 2019)

    Hi. I am a RESTful serverless data-intensive entity speaking to you You can catch up with me for a free chat/call about your software and data situation. This talk will be most purposeful if you have any questions about how to... … find a bunch of data/leads … choose the best infrastructure...
  4. richRich

    Best Options for short-term Freelancing as Full-Stack Programmer

    Everyone who has believed so far that humans are looking at your profile. I just resubmitted mine and it was immediately accepted after being rejected 5 times or so. Obviously there was no uber human applying his supervision to my dough application. Rather it's a stupid algorithm that may have...
  5. richRich

    My upwork account got banned what should i do?

    Thanks a lot to you for taking the time to answer! This is actually the step by step blueprint of the usual tip to "get yourself around your target group". Very actionable. Probably the most fastlane advice you will get as an (aspiring) freelancer. Works similarly for most industries by the...
  6. richRich

    My upwork account got banned what should i do?

    I am not on Upwork yet, and I would be cautious to bet the whole stack on a platform like this, BUT, I still would be curious to hear your suggestions about alternative strategies for software/data engineering freelancers :praise:
  7. richRich


    Totally! You'll come up with much more that is particular to your case. I still printed this one out, just as a reference.
  8. richRich


    Let me know if you do better than this ;)
  9. richRich

    Creating data-driven software solutions.

    Creating data-driven software solutions.
  10. richRich


    The Millionaire Fastlane made me understand where to head. Unscripted assists the flight. Thank you MJ. P.S.: It is a great piece of Writing with a lot of information, humour, movie references, stylistic plugs, well-told stories and integrity :fire: :fire: :fire:
  11. richRich

    Best Options for short-term Freelancing as Full-Stack Programmer

    Thanks to everyone who took the time to post here. Especially to @holmzee who gave the type of first-hand experience insight I was looking for. Here is what I learned regarding that topic recently. At some point I registered at Upwork but haven't gotten accepted by them. Some deeper research...
  12. richRich

    SELL ME SAT Forum Self-Promotion Opp: Offers, Links, Your Biz, More (November 2019)

    Software and Data Solutions to Grow Your Business Most businesses rely in some way or another on good quality data. I want to see Your business grow by helping to enrich, automate and understand your data foundation. Also known as: - data scraping and/or preparation - ingestion in your...
  13. richRich

    BOOK The UNSCRIPTED Entrepreneurial Framework, TUNEF (Infographic)

    haha funny how happy other people are about their destiny, too
  14. richRich

    BOOK The UNSCRIPTED Entrepreneurial Framework, TUNEF (Infographic)

    Interesting rabbit-holing to reach this thread. 1. Listen to UNSCRIPTED 2. make Screenshots of your favourite Graphics in the audiobook materials to put them together and print them out 3. wonder why @MJ DeMarco named the Unscripted Entrepreneurial Framework TUNEF instead of the simpler UNEF 4...

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