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  1. Ramius

    GOLD! Creating a Successful YouTube Channel in the Business/Finance Niche

    This is extremely inspiring stuff for the new YouTube creators. Congratulations on your hard work paying off, Aubrey! Your channel looks awesome, and I'm sure the only way is up for you!
  2. Ramius

    HOT TOPIC A genuine MASSIVE coronavirus business idea/need.

    It's very coincidental that I'm reading this today. I am about to create a crowdfunding campaign for a product that actually does exactly what we're talking about here. I have attached a brochure to this post. Our CEO is currently getting this off the ground with resellers, so if anyone has...
  3. Ramius

    The Opportunists Stock Buying Thread

    My two pence worth - with limited knowledge of the stocks industry - is that as people are working from home, watching TV, and as the test kits start being mass produced: - MyEG - C0VlD-19 test kits to be massed produced Netflix 311.60 USD +12.76 - and other streaming services will be up (as...
  4. Ramius

    EXECUTION Everything changes this year

    Quick update... Well, spinning a lot of plates is a bad idea, it turns out :) I decided to focus on ONE project right now, and that is actually Facebook Ads, and our current business. We create laser cut and engraved products, which do well in lots of different niches. The main reason is that...
  5. Ramius

    NOTABLE! I emailed 40 local organisations asking what their problems and frustrations are

    I wrote up a cold calling method, and it might be of some use to you (or someone else) There's no reason your process won't work, if you implement some of the awesome advice in this thread. Personally, I have found that a natural conversation is the best way to go, in most cases...
  6. Ramius

    EXECUTION Everything changes this year

    You're welcome. I have updated the main thread, as I have added another project! Seems like I'm spinning a lot of wheels, but to be honest, I am managing my time well, and everything is running well so far.
  7. Ramius

    EXECUTION Everything changes this year

    Thanks for the reply. I have some traditional plans, such as posting on Facebook and getting eyes on a promotional ad - but my more unorthodox methods are what I'd term as a growth hack. I have never liked traditional advertising or marketing, as I think most people are blind to the majority...
  8. Ramius

    WEB/DIGITAL Wish you had apps w/10 MILLION+ downloads?

    I want in. Sounds like a good read. Plus I'm a sucker for a Roll Safe meme.
  9. Ramius

    EXECUTION Everything changes this year

    Update #1: 23/01/18 - New project added! This was my first post here at the forum: After I posted this, I began looking at what I was doing to really push for passive income. I do understand that my present responsibilities require me to get up and run our eBay business (with my wife), and I...
  10. Ramius

    I can't read CAPTCHAs.

    I can't read CAPTCHAs.
  11. Ramius

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I've read the book, and a re-read won't hurt either. After being a passenger in my own life, and evaluating my life after a family trip to Disneyland Paris, I decided that certain things can't happen any more. I've had no time or patience for my children, and my businesses are running me...
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