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  1. PureA

    Dave Ramsey being asked how to get rich

    So not Dave, clearly. What characters are a good source of financial advice?
  2. PureA

    The Second Coming of Dan Kennedy

    @Esquire You say Dan has had a profound effect on your success. What materials in particular? Anything I should be checking out?
  3. PureA

    What's an 'MJ approved' book on financial planning aka managing your money.

    Thanks guys, its been a few years since the read!
  4. PureA

    What's an 'MJ approved' book on financial planning aka managing your money.

    Already have cold turkey and other blockers (e.g. if I use reddit for more than 10 mins at a time the website turns black and white). Can't completely block these sites because sometimes I genuinely need to use them for information.
  5. PureA

    What's an 'MJ approved' book on financial planning aka managing your money.

    After some years I have some idea how to make money... how about keeping it? I am a complete amateur in this field. The financial world is all a foreign language to me. I am cautious learning from someone who is preaching slowlane principles on reddit etc. What's the fastlane bible in keeping...
  6. PureA

    Good Ways to Structure a Business With Family Involved?

    Thanks for your response. He currently works for an agency writing copy on a low wage, 1.5kusd/month. I have very briefly mentioned it and he would keen to work together on a project. At the very least for the next 5 years. The only skill he has is writing copy for 6 months so this is why I am...
  7. PureA

    Good Ways to Structure a Business With Family Involved?

    I am starting an agency with my younger brother. The sensible thing would be to just put him on a salary but I want to include him in the business. He's 20 and inexperienced but has some experience in writing copy etc. The obvious structure would be for me to own 100% of the company and just...
  8. PureA

    Am I in the Wrong Business, or Is This How It Is? (Feeling Resistance)

    Just checking in to get some opinions on a mindset issue I may/may not be having. Is it a myth that you should be bouncing out bed everyday to work on your business? I'm doing well but it feels like a grind. I have the same level of enthusiasm for business work as household chores. They get...
  9. PureA

    Why is it advised to never mention MOQ first when working with manufacturers?

    Most decent (and genuine) manufacturers will have no problem doing a trial order. Just speak as though there is no way they'd say no, it's pretty normal. e.g. I would go through the process of getting the specs down and then write "Ok great, we'll need to do a trial order of X units first of...
  10. PureA

    The Only 3 Beliefs Holding You Back Right Now

    GOLD. How can we be proactive as possible with belief change? Are there any practices you would recommend?
  11. PureA

    If you had $10m in the bank what would you do every day?

    Keep going. Nothing would change, really.
  12. PureA

    Living on your own VS living with high performers?

    So I find myself in a situation where I can live in a big villa with 5 others (high performing people). or. Get my own villa and have peace, quiet, and lots of focus and no distractions. The financial aspect of either is essentially the same. I'm pretty introverted, but see the value in...
  13. PureA

    I deleted TikTok off my iPhone. Here's why...

    If you use it for anything other than business you are a retard
  14. PureA

    When am I ready to move out of my parents house?

    I'm going to go against the grain and say moving out should be prioritised even when it doesn't make complete financial sense. There is something that happens to a man when he goes out on his own. You will level up, and you will make it work. It's a completely different energy to when you have...

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