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  1. polaroid22

    A Hustler's Guide To Buying And Selling Anything (Part 2)

    Sorry to bump an old thread, I used to flip electronics back in the day. But these days it looks there is not much profit to be made with electronics anymore. What items are doing good right now? (I live in europe btw).
  2. polaroid22

    Developing a product in China

    Thanks a lot Walter! Yeah I live in Belgium, I reckon Belgium is too small of a market to go after. But I guess I could ship within the EU pretty easily.
  3. polaroid22

    Developing a product in China

    Hello, I got hyped by another thread on this forum: about a company searching for products with bad reviews and then applying the feedback to create a better product. So this looks very interesting to me, but I already got some question. So maybe somebody on this forum already has some...
  4. polaroid22

    I've Read UNSCRIPTED!

    Read it, looks like I need to ask Santa for your latest book too :)
  5. polaroid22

    Help youtube channel feedback WANTED

    Do you remember which one is the other guy? Might be worth checking him out? Thanks a lot!
  6. polaroid22

    Help youtube channel feedback WANTED

    Hello, thanks for reaching out! haha ça va bien et toi? My mother tongue is dutch though. Well I was thinking about covering specific topics of the most interesting european countries. Income tax in this country is... Capital gains taxes in this country are... You can skip these taxes if you...
  7. polaroid22

    Help youtube channel feedback WANTED

    Hello everyone, I just read the millionaire fastlane(my favorite non fiction book!) and just started unscripted. These books are really inspirational, as I allways wanted to escape the sidewalkers/slowlane lane, I wish I read these 15 years ago, before wasting my time all those years with jobs...
  8. polaroid22

    I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Just finished it and started unscripted!

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