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    WEB SCHOOL Should I learn HTML & CSS, or JavaScript?

    You should learn HTML, CSS and Javascript. After that, you should learn a framework like angular/vue or react and a back end language, I suggest nodejs (it is the javascript in that backend). You cannt build a site like limo using just WordPress, WordPress works just to be a freelancer...
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    HOT TOPIC Why dropshipping is bullshit... (and why you should avoid it).

    I would learn how to make a website or an app. That's what I am doing and I think it is a good thing to make money and get well paied if you are good in the field, and you would be interacting with big project (money in the field) sometimes
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    Damn you crypto

    In crypto you have to invest just the money you wont use for a time, I made 40% of profit these day after the bitcoin has gone up, but my money is in since last year
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    Start School to Develop Entrepreneurs

    It is a idea that everyone in this forum might have already thought. But, it's extremely hard to execute, in my point of view, although the person or team that can do it will have a lot of profit 'cause many people would take their children to a alternative kind of school, for these principles...
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    HOT TOPIC Will smoking weed make me lazy/hurt my (good) mindset?

    If you really want to try, try it. But dont become an addicted, there is no need to have this habit. No one should drink alcohol or smoke regularly. I have friends who use weed and they are not productive. If I were you would just try it, if you have really curiosity. However, dont become an...
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    The 3 Wealth Personalities, Which Is You?

    Agree 100%. Enviado de meu Moto G (5) usando Tapatalk
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    Everybody Starts Their Own Business

    There are people who simply cannt be an entrepreneur. And that is because they dont have ability (which can be learned, but for any reason they wont) or a mental deficiency (this fact, in most cases, cannt be changed). Moreover, exists jobs that are essential to our lives. Enviado de meu Moto G...
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    Going for it! Had my FTE

    Hello, does your invention make wine better ? Or is it to add some different taste to wine ? Enviado de meu Moto G (5) usando Tapatalk
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    HOT TOPIC Gun to Your Head, Make 10k in a Week

    If I knew, I would not tell. Enviado de meu Moto G (5) usando Tapatalk
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    HOT TOPIC Not taking action because I'm afraid of creating myself a job.

    In the beginning, everything is like a job. First, you start after you care about automate. Go to action ! Enviado de meu Moto G (5) usando Tapatalk
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    Subscription box business

    In the moment, I still on retail selling through instagram and other app very known here in Brazil.
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    Subscription box business

    I am worried about the shipping costs, in Brazil it's very expensive to country towns, sometimes even to big cities.
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    Subscription box business

    Humm, very interesting what you said about sponsor, I didn't think abou it. Yeah, if I do not discover any way to buy my products cheaper, the margins of profit would be very low. In my country it's a little expensive the boxes because that.
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    Subscription box business

    Hello everyone, I would like to write my recent experiences about the niche I've chosen: I didn't build a subscription business yet at least, but I have a plan to build soon. Although I started an instagram store, selling men clothes, more especially selling T-shirt (some brazillian brands and...
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