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  1. PabloFerreira

    Work/life balance and mental health

    Hello everyone, I've seen several posts talking about this lately in some reddit forums, so I thought to bring more awareness and depth into this (I believe, crucial) topic that gets overlooked often. I want to propose a couple questions to kick things off, and let's see where do we get in the...
  2. PabloFerreira

    Today I am grateful for...

    I've started a gratitude journal not long ago, it's a game changer! It really helps see the glass half full. Every evening I write 3 things I'm grateful for the day.
  3. PabloFerreira

    O/T: FUNNY This is how Idea Sex works!

    That was funny :rofl:
  4. PabloFerreira

    INTRO Hi everyone I'm Pablo

    Hi all, I'm happy to be part of this unique community! I hope I can bring value to you all, as well as learn from you, I run a coaching business, helping ambitious business owners disconnect from work and have a fruitful down time, to avoid burnout. See you in the forums! Pablo

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