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  1. ocricci

    How to monetize an app which is not a SaaS?

    As the user base grows you can charge from product manufacturers to promote their products as gift suggestions on the app
  2. ocricci

    EXECUTION [Game Dev] Road to Switch Release

    I agree, you really need to identify the demand before working on supply - specially for the overcrowded indie game development industry
  3. ocricci

    INTRO The Wonders Of Liberation - Fastlane

    Seja bem vindo! Como o MJ disse, o fórum é em inglês Verdade!
  4. ocricci

    I read all your recent posts on the forum today, thanks for sharing so much value

    I read all your recent posts on the forum today, thanks for sharing so much value
  5. ocricci

    Making Solo Indie Game Developer A Viable And Lucrative Business

    Op moved to a new business:
  6. ocricci

    GOLD! CHAT Have you had your "FTE"? (Or Was it an FTM?!)

    I can relate, people are not aware about the rules of the game or how to use the energy of an FTE ( they do happen a lot ! )
  7. ocricci

    GOLD! CHAT Have you had your "FTE"? (Or Was it an FTM?!)

    The tension is building I feel like Willian Wallace ready to scream “freedom” ! I finally understood the importance of having an inner locus of control ( thanks to MJ’s new book ) All the fears and insecurities that I used to have are gone now I’m excited to take the next step and it doesn’t...
  8. ocricci

    Quit my job after reading MJ DeMarco's book

    This is the way to go, i do not recommend quitting your job without a business system that pays enough money
  9. ocricci

    GOLD! I've Read The Great Rat-Race Escape !

    This book shows how much MJ’s writing skills have improved over the years, every concept explained is easily understood and, thanks to Jeff and Sam, more relatable. All concepts are essential to becoming unscripted, this book restored my faith and brought more awareness and energy to my life...
  10. ocricci

    EXECUTION Going Off-Road, Finally - Starting A Web Design Business

    Hey, go for it, Fox is an amazing mentor =) An idea: Record yourself talking to prospects then listen to it and pick where you can improve ( tone, words , etc.. )
  11. ocricci

    GOLD! How great is your business idea from a CENTS perspective? Find out instantly...

    AMAZING ! Thank you MJ !!
  12. ocricci

    Different angle to finding need/want

    you gave me an idea, thank you !
  13. ocricci

    INTRO Living the "perfect" slowlane life in Germany.

    I use MJ's CENTS concept Based on your question, you have defined the NEED, now you need to look for SCALE ( or magnitude ) It really depends on how innovative your solution is e.g.: If i can evidence scale for a product, the next step is to understand the value array ( based on how consumers...
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