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    Feedback request for my brand new idea

    The concept is great, but a little big at the moment, maybe narrow it down a bit more like the others have said. Find that single problem, then as you gain credibility for that one problem you've solved begin solving more. Love it though, anybody who is dedicated to growth and the growth of...
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    Where to find business problems (B2B)?

    I wonder if you're approaching this wrong. You mentioned you have experience and feel you can bring real value to businesses. Instead of looking for the problems they have, focus on the problems you've already have solved, and get so good at solving those same problems for others that you...
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    GOLD! CHECKLIST: How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency & Hit $5K in Less than 90 Days

    HAHA certainly is. Company still less than 2 years old, the CEO's just understand how to provide insane value for our clients.
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    GOLD! CHECKLIST: How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency & Hit $5K in Less than 90 Days

    Amazing post! I've been considering this for a couple years but it seems like everybody and their mother has an agency. I'm an expert in video production for marketing and I am the head of video production for a startup that is pacing to do $150MM this year. My unique proposition would be...
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    Video Ads for Marketing

    Thank you for the insight! Do you mind me asking what industry you are in, and what your current marketing strategies are (if not using video)?
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    Video Ads for Marketing

    Questions for entrepreneurs starting businesses: 1. Do you struggle with video for marketing your business?? A. Yes B. No 2. Do you feel that video content could improve your message, value, or reach? Why or why not? 3. What answers would offer the most value, and help you get the highest...
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    Is earning $1000 a day a realistic goal for business owners?

    I have found after a LOT of trial and error (more error than I care to admit)... that setting your goals lower will allow you to test your business to see if it is a viable business. I stopped aiming for $1000/day and started with $10/day. If you begin to consistently make $10/day, it means...
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    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read the book and am blown away. Been an entrepreneur for a while and this book seamlessly threaded so much information together that it wouldve taken years to discover otherwise

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