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    Any interest in virtual, bi-weekly accountability Zoom on our Fast Lanes?

    Hey ya'll, I'm working to grow my business revenue so that I can leave the slow lane. It'd be helpful to have a steady check-in meeting to report on how I'm doing, get feedback, etc. and to provide that sort of sounding board for others that are taking action. I have an account with Zoom and...
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    So I'm now jobless and I gotta survive. Kinda need a bit of support(a bit anxious?)

    Don't be discouraged, friend - the ramp-up period is part of a lot of people's story. Even MJ had his limo days. I'm still working full-time too (while growing my existing business), but it's only a shackle if you let it be. In my case, it's the fuel for my entreprenuerial engine, and it FOR...
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    So I'm now jobless and I gotta survive. Kinda need a bit of support(a bit anxious?)

    +1 - you're not selling out by getting a part-time job, you're becoming your own VC and funding your venture. There's no shame in it - you're sustaining your hustle.
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    RANT Job finding

    @shelton - The folks here have been super generous with advice, so I'm sure you've gotten plenty. If you'd like hands-on help with your resume, happy to donate a half hour to tweaking it with you in real time. Inbox me. One other thought is to get volunteer experience now, especially if you...
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    HOT TOPIC I have zero motivation to work after losing over $100,000

    Hey there @SweetTooth, Two ideas for you: 1) Brush one tooth. In the book Habits, Charles Duhigg talks about setting a ridiculously easy daily goal in an area where you want to change behavior. So let's say you want to brush your teeth every night (so you're brushing twice a day). He says only...
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    GOLD! Lex DeVille's: Guru Cults Exposed: The Tactics "Experts" Use To Pull You In & Suck You Dry

    This post is EVERYTHING. I was molly-whopped by the guru caravan a few times over the last few years. Then, I stopped being an action-faker and got to business!
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    I've listened to both MFL and Unscripted on Audible at least 3x. I have a small business and a full-time gig and I'm looking to scale my small business using the principles in your book. I'm a reformed action-faker and appreciate the shade you throw at those of us who would rather pay for...
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    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Hey there, I've listened to the Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted at least 3x each on Audible. I have a profitable business, and am trying to pivot it to a service delivery mechanism with a better chance of gold gumballs. Glad to be here and thanks for building this community. Warmly, Melzilla
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