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  • mec64
    mec64 reacted to reedracer's post in the thread $40 a Poop! with Like Like.
    This just in, Mrs. Edna Kraviss of Sheboygan, Wisconson just pledged 40 ounces of fecal matter a month! God bless ya Edna! Fecal matters...
  • mec64
    mec64 reacted to BellaPippin's post in the thread $40 a Poop! with Haha Haha.
    Damn I was already crafting my You focused poop proposal
  • mec64
    mec64 reacted to arl's post in the thread $40 a Poop! with Like Like.
    Who can donate? Donors must be local to Boston, Cambridge, or Somerville, Massachusetts and pass a series of health screens. Too bad...

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