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    Hi, If you had to sum up The Millionaire Fastlane in a few lines, what would you write? :blush: What was most important to you, and what has changed in your life after your first reading? Thank you :)
  2. MaxT

    Promote my book

    Very well I understand, thank you for your return I will think about that! :)
  3. MaxT

    Promote my book

    What do you mean ?
  4. MaxT

    Promote my book

    Yes of course, I have tried everything and experimented on myself! Along with all that I also did some research too.
  5. MaxT

    Promote my book

    Thank you very much for the feedback! No I haven't thought about that, and I think I will. It's not much more so I'm going to update it and change the title and the cover. Thank you :)
  6. MaxT

    Promote my book

    Thank you for your return ! :)
  7. MaxT

    Promote my book

    Hello everyone, I wrote a book for two years, I put all my heart into it. This is a book, or rather a guide, which allows you to improve in the most important areas: improving your body (gaining muscle, losing weight), managing stress and being zen, improving his finances, improve his memory...
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    Instagram promotion techniques

    Hello everyone, to promote my Android and iOS applications I use Instagram, in order to increase the growth of Likes and subscribers I would like each of us to share HIS technique. I know there are several and I would also like to have your opinion on mine. Personally, I subscribe to several...
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    INTRO You're from where??

    France / Bretagne
  10. MaxT

    HOT TOPIC Ask Me Anything - Facebook Ads [2M+ Ad spend]

    @Pritesh Can I have an answer please ? :)
  11. MaxT

    HOT TOPIC Ask Me Anything - Facebook Ads [2M+ Ad spend]

    If I want to promote a mobile application for android and / or ios, do I choose Facebook Ads or Google Ads? I specify that I am alone and not yet have a lot of means to invest in advertising credits. What strategies do you suggest to me? Thank you for your help.
  12. MaxT

    INTRO Greetings from Moscow

    Welcome Vadim, I wish you a lot of success !
  13. MaxT

    From France, will do the job for join the FASTLANE !

    From France, will do the job for join the FASTLANE !
  14. MaxT

    INTRO Hello there

    MJ DeMarco I read your book Milionaire Fastlane, I read a lot of books of the same kind but this one is much more concrete and serious than the others! Congratulations, it's really good, I think you changed a lot of life with :)

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